Finally A New Post

In Personal, Travels on October 26, 2011 at 4:51 AM

I know, you could tell me until you are blue in the face, it has been a looong time since I have last posted even a morsel of my own existence. September was crazy though beyond my own imagination and October, well that’s just between October, me, and all that sangria that was consumed while I was in Barcelona.

I love posting new blog posts…writing them, coming up with new pictures and new ideas to craft for each individual posting. I have so many drafts all saved up and I think that I am now in place for the moment, I am finally ready to recap every part of my life so far while I’ve been abroad. I have been craving this for I cannot even tell you how long now and even writing about is making me anxious. I kind of can kick myself in the bum for this lapse of time, but the future only holds more room for more opportunities to get it done and to really do it well.

I could not have ever imagined what this trip would really mean for me. It has transformed me, shaken me up, and made me redirect the focus and purpose of my life. From the outside looking in, that’s putting too much emphasis on this trip, but when you begin to relate to your past in a completely new way, well there’s the difference that I have been waiting for. And it wasn’t about waiting….it was about making it happen for myself.

Inspiration from Nutrition Nut on the Run

A Wonderful Way to Start My 21st Year

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