PB and J, Hard Croissant, Cadbury Vending Machines

In Personal, Travels on September 6, 2011 at 10:06 PM

After trying unsuccessfully hard to fall asleep, while I told Dina, my friend and fellow USC Londoner, how many hours were left each time she woke up, I put up my feet on my seat, scrunched myself up underneath my sweater and for 30 very short minutes I actually got some rest. I knew that that amount of rest later would be quite hard for me to function, but for the moment it was going to have to do. With the exception of my Italian neighbors, the majority of the plane was still sleeping, so I enjoyed bits of “The Lincoln Lawyer” and “Glee” as we prepared for the downhill venture of our flight.

The breakfast trolley was being wheeled down before I knew it, and a hard pre-warmed croissant and those-peel away oj cups with yogurt were thrown in my direction. My own pre-made PB &J sandwich and a banana was my pick of the day and a great start to a very exhausting evening for my little group.

And in true British style….the rain greeted our  entrance in Heathrow delaying our flight’s arrival by a good 15 minutes. Of course all of our parents knew this because they had been tracking our flight the entire time. So when I phoned my mum (hehe), she had known exactly where I was-way to spoil the fun a little of telling her that I was officially in London.

I am so glad that we got through Heathrow as fast we did, I was so scared about customs even though I ended up being perfectly fine. In fact, the hardest part: lifting our suitcases off the circus of all the other 60 pound suitcases. Finally free of the airplane, in a raining and blustery London, we waited for our coach to take us to the flat and continued to stare around at the new things that greeted our entrance into the main hall of the airport like the most brilliant invention ever-A Cadbury Chocolate Machine where every Cadbury Candy imaginable is right in front of you! If I have one weakness at Easter-it’s those Cadbury Eggs, I cannot get enough of them!

I Had Slightly More Baggage Than Audrey

Credit: Peanut Butter Fingers: Yummy PB & J Sliders!



*none of these photos are my own personal photos*


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