The 10 Longest Hours: “Water for Elephants” and A Leftover Sandwich

In Travels on September 2, 2011 at 7:13 AM

It really was the 10 longest hours of my life, I felt like I had gone through several days by the time that I had gotten off the plane. I was too nervous for anything to serious so I busied myself for quite a while writing cards and thank yous which I thought would be fantastic to say that I wrote them while flying over the States and the ocean. Five years since I was on a plane last, I could not have been more happy to be on a plane. It is so very exciting and I love the thrill of adrenaline that I get as we are taking off. I even get a little sad when we land, I love being away from the hustle and bustle of the world for that sacred period of time. No email. No Internet. No Facebook messages. No texts. It’s amazing what not having a cell phone in your hand and your face stuck to the screen can do for your mind and your entire experience aboard. It’s like yoga class, to be present there and now and only there, not trying to think ahead or run over the lists of things to do in your mind.

After finishing with my tray table full of cards, letters, magazines, books, and gum, I finally decided to clear it all off about two hours into the flight as I saw the dinner cart wheeling its way down the aisle.  A very old episode of  “Glee” was my pure entertainment while we waited for dinner and drinks. Lasagna or meat and potatoes….yum? ? Thank goodness we stopped at Mustard before, leftover “California” sandwich (w/avocado of course )and an apple for dinner. I tried some of the dessert as well which was some form of brownie, crumble, and peanut butter something….yeah still airplane food. It’s good to be back. (:

It had been such a long time since I had been on a plane that I did not even realize that you could choose your own in-flight movie on your own personal TV set! And the movies were actually quite a good selection of movies that I had not had the chance to see while they were in theaters. The airline even offered a variety of TV shows…”Glee”, “The Good Wife,” & “The Big Bang Theory.”  Makes me think of my family and the DVR battles that happen weekly if not daily….surprised “House” was not on there. I chose “Water for Elephants,” a book that I am still very interested in reading, but I couldn’t resist watching it for “free” right in front of me. It was amazing to just sit and watch a movie, no multitasking-a true rarity for me. At some point though, before I knew that my friends were going to go to sleep I walked the aisles as much as I could. The Ambien pills that everyone took preflight had finally set in and it suddenly got really quiet. But I was still wide awake and chattier than ever. I was on a 3 cups of black tea kick and I was not coming down any time soon, so I pulled out my laptop and finished the overwhelming project of updating my iPhoto. I had had that project on my to do list for two years and it felt absolutely wonderful to be done with it. Almost anti-climatic in a way since it had taken over two years. I guess that is all I needed…one good silent, non-distracted time on a Transatlantic flight. Blogging photo albums and planning: all set!



**none of these photos are my own personal photos*

A Little Last Minute Preparation for London..

Unfortunately no window seat for me...but I was quite close on the aisle seat


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